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Give your satisfied Customers a way to share their positive experience where it counts!

More and more services, realtors, medical offices, restaurants and professional service providers rely on reviews. Positive reviews on Google Places, Yelp and Facebook, not only boost your overall online reputation, but also your SEO.

Our social reviews platform will allow your customers to rate your business on the platform of their choice. After they provided the rating, the social media reviews system collects the ratings, along with ratings directly shared through social media, and display them on your website, ensuring maximum exposure and credibility.


Here’s how it works

After having a meaningful interaction with your clients, just send them a link to your website, where they will find a simple, distraction free form, asking for them to rate their experience.


Your Visitors Rate your Services

Your visitors are presented with a simple, distraction free interface.


If you get rated 5 Stars

When your users rate you 5 stars, they will be asked to provide a review on the platform of their choice, maximizing their positive reach.

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Get a Social Review

Your clients can rate you on Google Places, Facebook, Yelp or on your website.

Display the review on your website

Webtemple will sync all reviews posted on the social networks and display them on your website.

Feedback Form

If you get rated 4 Stars or less

When your users give you less than 5 stars, they are presented with a form instead, giving them an avenue to voice their concerns, and giving you an opportunity to resolve any issues before it they are made public.

An Opportunity to improve

It’s impossible to please everyone. However you can catch bad experiences before they go public and address the issues privately. After resolving their issue, they may even come back and give you a 5 star review.


Increase user confidence and boos your SEO!
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Easy to get Reviews

Your customers will have an easy way to leave a review on their service of choice.

Multiple Display Options

Useful display options, such as list, badge and grid. Custom sorting by date, score. Custom filtering, allowing you to pull and display 5 star reviews only.

Want to know more?

Learn more about Webtemple and how it can help your business. Speak to one of our agents today!

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