ServerHigh Speed Hosting

Have your website run on high availability enterprise-grade servers for unparalleled performance.

chairFull Maintenance

Keep your website up to date with included changes and automatic updates and improvements.

Custom ApplicationsApps & Integrations

Reviews, event management, real-estate listings, lead tracking, custom forms and much much more.

Webtemple Concierge – Full Service Website Maintenance

Webtemple Concierge is like having your own full time web team working for you. We can take care of uploading products, new posts, pages, changing content updating banners, e-mail templates* and more. You just have to tell us what you wish to accomplish and we will develop, implement, test and maintain the solution for you**. All for a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

High Speed Hosting

Webtemple is hosted on high availability servers, located in Google’s data centers. We scale our service to match your website’s growing demand for more resources.

We realize modern websites do more than just show information, so that is why we support complex applications and data structures and deliver them to your customers in the blink of an eye.

Content Changes

Say goodbye to hourly fees and charges just for updating your websites. Webtemple helps you keep information up to date, by allowing you to request any changes for free.

Update your events calendar, add new products, change information, add locations or services with ease.

Our talented webtemple specialists will help you make any changes. Just send us an email or give us a call and we will handle the change for you. At the same time you have 100% access to make any corrections yourself, should you choose to.

Custom Solutions

Webtemple concierge also helps you develop solutions to problems that come up down the road. No need to try various plugins and clumsy combinations that only achieve part of what you need.

Wether you need to track downloads of a new document you wish to release, or you want to include a cool product customizer or you need to display all the vehicles in your fleet, we can build the solution for you and maintain it. Training, maintenance and support is always included.

Response Times

Urgent - 5 hours
High Priority - 24 Hours
Normal Priority - 5 days
Low Priority (10 days)

Service Level Agreement

We pride ourselves in professional and timely service. Based on the urgency of each task, we perform the work within the assigned time bracket. Click below to find out what request qualifies for which response time:

Urgent Requests

Urgent requests have a high impact on the website. Examples of requests that qualify are:

  • Copyright claims & Resolutions
  • Website Malfunction
  • Misleading information present on website
  • Downtime (we automatically resolve downtime events within 15 minutes or less)

High Priority Requests

Urgent requests have a moderate impact on the business. Examples of requests that qualify are:

  • Missing Information
  • Misplaced Elements
  • Missing Elements

Normal Priority Requests

Normal requests represent the day to day requests being made to our team. They include posting content to your website or changing content.

  • Adding new products (Pro Websites Only)
  • Adding new entries (Business Websites Only)
  • Changing the content of pages (Basic, Business and Pro Websites)
  • Changing graphics, logos and adding information to existing pages (Basic, Business and Pro Websites)

The SLA specifies the maximum response time. This means that as soon as we can, we will resolve the request. On average we finish normal priority requests in 50% of the time allocated.

Low Priority Requests

Low Priority Requests have no impact on business operations.

  • Feature Requests
  • Overall Design Updates

Want to know more?

Learn more about Webtemple and how it can help your business. Speak to one of our agents today!

Fine Print

* Requires the Pro Plan which supports custom email templates
** Certain, highly customized and very complex solutions may require extra development costs.


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